Register for Camp 2018

Payments & Deadlines 
2018 Early Bird Price:  $365/person 

Adult/College Registration – NOW OPEN until – May 1 ($365/person)
Student Registration – June 7 @ 4 pm EST – June 27 @ midnight ($365/person)
Early Bird Pricing Ends after Wednesday, June 27 ($400/person after Friday, June 27)

**Cancellation of any participants after Sunday, July 8 will be responsible for the entire participant cost. 


Online Adult/College and Student Registration

2018 Adult/College Registration for Camp
Now Open until Tuesday, May 1

2018 Student Registration for Camp
Opens Thursday June 7 @ 4 pm EST – Wednesday, June 27 @ midnight EDT


2018 Medical Release Forms

Every camper/adult must have a medical release on file with staff while attending Unidiversity Youth Camp. These are forms are required to be turned in during check-in on Monday, July 23.

2018 Adult (over 18) Release Form

2018 Camp Wide Student (under 18) Release Form

2018 Background Screening Forms

At Unidiversity Youth Camp, we require all adults (non-campers age 18 and older) to have a criminal background check performed within three years of July 28, 2018. The group leader needs to provide the name of each adult, the date the background check was completed, and the company used for the background check. In addition to the group leader’s signature, please have another organizational representative sign the form. Thank you for your leadership with protecting not only your teenagers, but the entire Unidiversity Youth Camp family.

*Completed forms may be uploaded by the Group Leader on our Registration Page. Or Group Leaders can mail the completed form to Unidiversity Youth Camp; 847 Cleveland Street; Greenville, SC 29601.

Completed Background Screening Form is REQUIRED by Wednesday, June 27

UniD Background Screening Form