2017 Group Resources

Medical Release Forms

Every camper/adult must have a medical release on file with staff while attending Unidiversity Youth Camp

2017 Adult Release Form

2017 Camp-Wide Student Release Form


Finding Your Way Around Campus

2017 Campus Map 

2017 Daily Themes

Monday: Welcome and Tacky Christmas Party
(It might be hot, but come decked out in your favorite Christmas Sweaters).

Tuesday: Hope Is For Everyone

Wednesday: Love Because You Are Beloved

Thursday: Peace Be With You

Friday: Joy To The World

Saturday: Commissioning

 Bible Study 

Groups meet daily and are separated into 6th/7th grades, 8th/9th grades, and 10th -12th grades based upon the grade just completed. Our curriculum this year is written by Terri Springer and has been provided in advance of camp. All supplies needed for Bible study activities are provided on the first night of camp.

Bible study leaders: Daily Links below are used to access daily Podcasts for brief teaching help for each lesson.

2017 Christmas Presence Bible Study Leaders’ Guide
2017 Roll Call

Bible Study Daily Podcasts for Leaders

Bible Study Tuesday

Bible Study Wednesday

Bible Study Thursday

Bible Study Friday


Daily Seminars focus on issues, topics, and experiences, as they relate to discipleship and the week’s theme. Seminars are another teaching tool that seeks to inform, create dialogue and empower our teens to become engaged and active in the world as a Christ follower. During the week of camp your teenagers will attend 2 seminars of their choosing.

These topic-based discussion groups meet for two, 1-hour periods and are typically offered twice – once in the first semester (Tues/Wed) and once in the second semester (Thurs/Fri).

Seminar leaders will have their first session on Tuesday & Wednesday and then begin a new session (with a new group) on Thursday and Friday.

2017 Unidiversity T-W Seminars Choices
2017 Tuesday/Wednesday Seminars Roll Call

2017 Unidiversity Th-Fr Seminars Choices
2017 Thursday/Friday Seminars Roll Call


Sport or hobby-based groups that meet on three days (Tues/Wed/Fri) for an hour and a half. During the week of camp your teenagers will choose 1 Elective to attend.

2017 Unidiversity Electives Choices
2017 Electives Roll Call